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Kokeshi Style Portrait

Kokeshi are traditional Japanese dolls which are handmade and carved from wood.  They have a simple trunk and an enlarged head with a few thin, painted lines to define the face.  I love Kokeshi and wanted to apply the style into my artwork.  By the way all my Kokeshi style portraits are always smiling.

Kokeshi chan.png

Kokeshi Style Portrait will be created through coral painter using a wacom tablet.  I use the tablet to paint as I would if I was using wet acrylic paints from inks and tubes.  Therefore the artwork has a hand painted feel to it.  Once the artwork was created then it will be printed on an art paper or a box canvas to be completed. 


The artwork below is my dear family portrait.  The two central characters at the front are my parents.  My father was a Karate master who is no longer with us.  Although he never got the chance to be with his grandkids and they also never got the chance to meet him either, in this portrait I have painted the whole family together.  The artwork was printed out on a large box canvas.  This is a gift to my mother on her birthday and now it sits in pride of place on the living room wall.  According to my mother, the picture makes family, friends and whoever visits smile and feel happy just looking at it.  This makes me so happy!

Family Portrait (28_ x 19_).png

This is a photo taken of my mother's box canvas which has been framed.


I can create a special one off portrait for you.  So if you would like to have a happy portrait done in the Kokeshi style, please feel free to contact me by clicking the "Contact" button below for more details.  Thank you.

Sample Images

Besides the just family (friends or group) Kokeshi portraits I can create a special image with your Kokeshi style portraits depending on a particular theme if you would like.  The following images are sample images for you to view.  You can view the images at a larger scale by clicking on them.

Pet Portrait Samples

If you have a pet (pets) I ca also turn them into Kokeshi style portraits.  The following images are samples for you to view.  Please click on the image and you can then view the images at a larger scale.

Please feel free to contact me regarding "Kokeshi Style Portrait" by clicking the contact button below.