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Kmoonart Alphabet

These illustrations are from my first self-published picture book called, "Alphabet people" in 2007.  The book was printed as a hard cover and I had sold them in England and Japan during that time.  I also managed to donate several hundreds copies to libraries all over sub-Saharan Africa through the help of an charity organisation in London.  This made me so happy.


Please let me take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people who bought the book, and everybody who helped me through each process to produce it.  This has always been one of my dreams.

Enjoy viewing each image to see what my alphabet letters are up to.  To view full image you just need to click each image.  

Aa is for ... artist
Bb is for ... balloon
Cc is for ... camel
Dd is for ... doughnut
Ee is for ... egg
Ff is for ... frog
Gg is for ... gloves
Hh is for ... hat
Ii is for ... ice-cream
Jj is for ... jelly
Kk is for ... kettle
Ll is  for ... lemon
Mm is for ... mug
Nn is for ... noodles
Oo is for ... octopus
Pp is for ... penguin
Qq is for ... question
Rr is for ... robot
Ss is for ... shampoo
Tt is for tulip
Uu is for ... umbrella
Vv is for ... vegetable
Ww is for ... window
Xx is for ... xylophone
Yy is for ... yogurt
Zz is for ... zebra-crossing