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Commission Works

I have been doing different types of commission work for clients who have wanted digital as well as hand painted work to be produced.  Here is a sample of work which I have done in a past.

Illustrations for Digital Apps

These are some illustrations which were created for a digital Apps company in Tokyo Japan.  Their brief was for me to illustrate classical children's stories for their App.  


Each story contained between 5 to 12 illustrations.  I used mixed media to create these.


Children's Picture Book

Here are a few picture books which I illustrated.  It was a wonderful experience to be involved with these projects. These stories were personal to each author and through illustrating the characters they also became special to me.  

I would like to take this opportunity to say a very special thank you to  the authors for allowing me to work on these wonderful books.



The painting below is one of special portraits that I have done for a client in America.  Through several discussions with my client to come up with the image.  The top one is a pencil drawing to show the client before I started painting.  The next one is the final product in colours.  I had used acrylic inks to create this portrait.  

It was a wonderful project that I had managed to do for the client.